As the Executive Director of the California Film Institute, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to DocLands. There are many people who’ve made this possible, but I want to extend special thanks to Nancy and Rich Robbins and Maida Brankman for providing seed funding; their visionary thinking helped make DocLands a reality.

This is the first new festival we’ve created since founding the Mill Valley Film Festival in 1978, and many people have asked me, “After all these years, why now?” As the number of documentaries addressing the critical issues of our time has significantly expanded over the last few years, so, too, have the creative boundaries of documentary filmmaking.

We are excited to highlight several of the films that are boldly breaking the traditional documentary form. We also continue our commitment to those films aiming to activate viewers and motivate change with our Art of Impact programming strand. In The Great Outdoors, we explore our relationship to nature and gain healthy perspectives on our place in the universe. And it would not be a festival without a look at some of the things that just simply bring us joy, as featured in our Wonderlands section. We hope you find your joy during the four days of DocLands!

Mark Fishkin
Executive Director / Founder, California Film Institute