Presented by the California Film Institute, DocLands Documentary Film Festival celebrates compelling stories and the provocative insights behind them.

DocLands is a non-competitive, non-juried, inclusive festival that presents an overall Audience Choice award. It’s dedicated to building connections and partnerships that will invigorate the business and art of nonfiction filmmaking. Through public screenings, engaged conversations, and grassroots networking events, DocLands aims to build an active, inclusive, and fully supportive community around documentary film. Organizational goals include gender equity and zero waste.

DocLands showcases documentary film in a variety of genres and with a diversity of content, while exploring three main programming strands and highlighting films that transcend the traditional definition of the documentary—films that break form in terms of creativity and entertainment.

WonderLands lifts our spirits through stories of joy, wonder, and possibility.

The Great Outdoors transports us outside to truly appreciate and explore, compelling us to save and conserve our environment and the wilds of our one precious and precarious planet.

Art of Impact engages and sparks action by sharing stories that open our eyes to the global community and its disparate cultures, politics, personal narratives, and biographies.

We believe truth can be found in documentary film.

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