If your film has been accepted to screen at DocLands, you will find information designed to help you navigate the Festival process on this page.

     Mark Fishkin, Executive Director — [email protected]
     Maureen Galliani, Executive Assistant — [email protected]

     Joni Cooper, Director of Programming — [email protected]
     Kelly Clement, Programmer — [email protected]
     Ken Jacobson, Programmer – [email protected]
     Sterling Hedgpeth, Programming Manager – [email protected]

     Jeromy Zajonc, Director of Operations — [email protected]
     Dave Feiferis, Operations Manager – [email protected]

     Shelley Spicer, Director of Publicity & Media Relations — [email protected]
     Leah LoSchiavo, Marketing Coordinator – [email protected]

For more detailed marketing info, visit doclands.com/marketing

  • Filmmakers are responsible for providing an exhibition quality file or, if in-theater screenings are possible, a DCP only.

CineSend can ingest a wide range of formats, but our general recommendations here:

    • H.264 video file encoded at 10-20 Mbps (if possible, select “High Profile” H.264 setting instead of “Main Profile” when exporting the video)
    • Stereo or ProLogicII encoded 5.1 (LtRt) – ONLY include a single stereo track or mono track pair – do not include additional mixes/tracks
    • 1920×1080 resolution
    • 23.98, 24, 25, or 29.97 progressive
    • Under 12GB file size
    • English language closed-captioning file in .VTT format
    • Descriptive audio file in .VTT format (if available)
    • You must error-check your print for sound and image quality before shipping. Please make sure all technical information is correct on the confirmation form and that the print sent for exhibition matches the format listed.
  • Feature-length entries receiving a theatrical release, TV broadcast, DVD release or screening at other San Francisco Bay Area festivals and venues prior to OR within one month following DocLands’ dates may not be eligible for participation in the Festival (exceptions are made under special circumstances). Please contact our office if you agree to any other screenings in the Bay Area before or directly following DocLands.
  • DocLands does not pay rental / screening fees. Rather, our resources are invested in the presentation and marketing of your work. Films may subsequently be considered for a theatrical run at our year-round venue, the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center.
  • Films may be screened for the entire duration of the festival.
  • Once a film has been confirmed, it may not be withdrawn
  • The information and materials we have requested are essential as they will be used in our schedule and website as well as for promotion and publicity. Please fill out the ENTIRE online confirmation form and confirm that all information is accurate.
  • Please indicate any restrictions you may have close to or during the Festival dates. If your film is scheduled at other festivals around the same time as DocLands, we’ll coordinate schedules and shipping (if applicable).
  • BOOKMARK THIS SITE… it will serve as your resource for all things DocLands: Print Traffic, Marketing & Publicity, Festival FAQs, DocLands laurels and staff contacts, and other important information. Any updates will be posted here.

Thank you in advance for filling out the confirmation form completely and returning it within 48 hours. We’re excited to include your film in the Festival, and we look forward to celebrating your achievement at our inaugural event.

We know you want to effectively promote your film and play to packed houses – we’d love to help!
Providing your most complete press materials in a timely fashion helps us help you.

CLICK HERE to view the DocLands Marketing Guide

Please note that all marketing materials are due on March 13!

DocLands Official Selection laurels will be available soon.

  • Deadline for film file delivery is April 19, 2021

How many badges will I receive?

We provide up to two (2) badges per film upon request. Guest Services will ask for your badge information within their Festival Overview email.

What privileges does my badge allow?

  • On the day of, or the day before any Festival screening, each guest badge allows for ONE (1) ticket per regularly-priced show from a Festival box office (per availability).  A hard ticket is required for entry to all screenings.
  • Access to opening and closing events
  • Additional filmmaker events to be announced soon!

How do I receive my Festival credentials?

If you’re staying at a Festival sponsored hotel, your credentials, complimentary tickets, and a hard copy of your Festival itinerary will be waiting for you at the front desk of the hotel. You will receive an electronic copy of your itinerary 3 days prior to your arrival.

If you’re a local filmmaker, or are staying at a non-sponsored hotel, your Festival credentials can be picked up April 30 – May 3 at:

DocLands Guest Services
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center
1118 Fourth St, San Rafael, CA 94901

IMPORTANT:  If you don’t anticipate using ALL of your comps for one (or more) shows, please inform your Guest Services rep so we can sell them.  This helps us fill all seats at your screenings! If you plan to watch your film, your seat will be taken from those comps.

You may purchase additional tickets per availability at the discounted filmmaker rate of $12.50 each.

Tickets go on sale to the general public April 3rd; we recommend buying them in advance.

How are intros and Q&As conducted?
Typically programmers give a brief 5-minute introduction before the film which filmmakers are welcome to join, but this is optional.  After the film, the programmer will introduce and invite you to the stage for a 15-20 minute Q&A. Let us know prior to the Festival if you have other cast / crew in attendance whom you would like to participate and we will do our best to accommodate that request.